If you truly are miserably searching for a way to get out of tomorrow’s business meeting, or student lecture, there are some key things to remember. Make sure you think of something that will not come back to haunt you. For instance, saying a relative has died, might get you into trouble later on when that relative actually does need you to attend their funeral. If you need help calling in sick, try getting doctors excuses at Best Fake Doctors Notes.
Think of things that are half-truths, if you will. Call well ahead of time. Do not call late and say you are too sick to come in. This might make your employer or school think that you just woke up late and don’t want to be counted tardy, or late “on-the-record.” Instead, call the night before and leave a message. Let them know that you have a personal matter that needs to be tended to, or if possible tell them you spoke with your physician and they told you to stay home. If it is your employer you are speaking to, remember that mental health issues cannot lead to termination (usually). Most companies have in-house ways of dealing with such matters, and can get in trouble for firing you over such things. Calling in and saying that you are depressed and need time off is not shameful. Sometimes the truth actually works and is better than dreaming up reasons for absence.
If you must find a reason, make sure it is solid and make sure that you will not be seen strolling outside by a co-worker or fellow student. Here is a list of ideas:

  •     Car trouble
  •     congested
  •     very fatigued from a new medication
  •     depressed, seeing a physician
  •     contagious

Just keep it short and sweet. Too much information sounds phoney. Do not go on-and-on. Give your explanation, and end it there. Confidently. If you need a doctor’s note, that is easy enough. Make an appointment, tell them you are under the weather, and just truly don’t know what is wrong. They are obligated to investigate, or to keep you out long enough for recovery. Good luck, and stay well, even if it means calling in sick!