College can be hard, especially when you have a professor whom you do not seem to click with. Those who find themselves in this situation need to work hard to have a good relationship and to win them over. A good association can help you to be successful in the classroom, and it could come in handy down the road when you need a recommendation. Whether for a college application or for the perfect job, a commendation from a professor can hold a great deal of clout.

Developing a rapport can be done simply in a few steps. The first and most important way to get a professors attention is to make you known. Answer questions in class, go the extra mile to be interested in the material he or she is teaching. Most classroom sizes are large now days. On the first day of class make sure to give an introduction of yourself. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle, but by being cooperative and chatting on occasion it will make you known. Passing the teachers in the hallway is a great way to say hello or a simple wave. It is the small gestures that put you in their radar among all the other students.

The professor always knows the students who come to class prepared and can answer their questions. If a student does not study and tries to hide within their peers, they become more obvious to the professor. Rather than hiding, act interested in the topics, respond well to what they have to say. Always make sure to keep direct eye contact with the professor while they are teaching. Eye contact lets them know that you are following them and that you comprehend what they are saying. From a teacher’s point of view, it is hard to teach students who are not paying any attention. It takes a great deal of effort to put together a lecture and knowing people are paying attention makes it worthwhile. Make sure to ask great questions that show you have put a lot of thought into it. Get classroom discussions going or join in with other discussions. Classroom participation is a very important step in making sure you are noticed and liked.

Every professor has a set of office hours, or a time that they can meet with students. It doesn’t hurt to pop in to say hello, or to chat about the current materials. Professors like a student they can be intellectual with and have a quality conversation. While you don’t want to waste their time, having great questions about the class is a good way to make you memorable from the others.

Oftentimes, professors will speak at off campus events or even on campus events. If you really want to get this professors attention, show up at their events. Support is a big thing in any university, and the professor will appreciate the backing. While you don’t want to take up their valuable time, at least let your presence be known.

Email message are a big method of keeping in touch with a professor. Asking questions and keeping informed is a great way to keep the lines of communication open without being intrusive. Most professors give their email addresses to students so that they can connect with them. If a certain day or lecture was particularly moving, send the professor an email and let them know what you thought. Feedback is important in a university; all teachers want their material to be interesting. When the class is completed, send an email thanking them for the opportunity to be in their class. You never know when you will need the reference of this professor, make yourself stand out and be memorable.