1. How to find the best excuse for time-off from work

If you want to take some time off of work and really aren’t sick at all, how will you do it? Asking for time off is a bother, especially if you have a supervisor who really doesn’t want to be worried about if you are performing on the job. So, what can be the quickest, most “ego-satisfying” way to obtain something that will, not only do the asking for you, but supply an actual “document” releasing you from work? What about using a “fake hospital note,” they do exist (online) and are really simple to download and print off.

2. How to use a doctor’s note to take some personal time-off

If you want to have an extra day or two of relaxation but don’t really know what to look for in an authentic “hospital note,” here are some major points of reference. First, make sure that when going online you find a template that has your “local” hospital’s address and medical emergency information written on it. This is the best way to look like you have really gone to the emergency room and was seen by a paramedic or doctor. Next, just download the note making sure that it has no extra details just the local address of the emergency room.

3. How to keep your job after using a fake excuse for time off

If you follow the rules by providing an authentic-looking fake excuse from a “local” hospital, you should never have a problem. It’s good to include the fake date of your discharge from the hospital, so everything looks real. Normally, the online companies making these types of forms allow anyone to request a “free sample” and will state all your details too! Remember to submit your fake hospital excuse with confidence, because there isn’t anything to worry about. You will keep your job, by making it easier on yourself to leave and come back, because you took the time to print off a completely safe, but fake medical note.

4. What if an employer finds out I’ve used a fake medical excuse?

We all know how necessary it is to have employment, and that sometimes it seems every employer can dictate our work performance or attendance. Most work-plans don’t accept medical excuses, unless a several days are missed from work. Using a fake hospital note, and a fake sickness to go with it, will get extra “worry-free” days to enjoy! As long as you provide an authentic-looking medical note, there is no reason why your employer will become suspicious, unless you are always requesting time off, using medical excuses, and staying absent from work.