School is a part of life but there are days when you do not feel like sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher lecture and assign work. On days like this, all you want to do is relax and escape the confines of the classroom for a day. The idea of ditching may come to your mind and that thought is followed by the possible consequences of doing so. In order to ditch out of school and avoid consequences you have to know how to go about the process without being caught. Continue to learn how to do so.First, there are two options when it comes to ditching. The first option is skipping the entire day and the second option is leaving mid-day. Both are very easy to do as long as you know what you are doing. In order to skip and entire day of school, you need two things. These two things include a well-written note and a friend. Most likely if you are ditching an entire day of school, you are going to be out and about until school is out and then arrive home as usual. When you get up in the morning be sure to follow your normal routine. When you leave for school, enjoy your day off. Depending on your school’s attendance system, they may or may not notify parents of absences. If they do, you can either drop off a note a day prior explaining the reason why you will be absent or if you have an adult voice, you can call the school yourself while posing as your parent.

The second option, ditching mid-day, is a riskier task but can be done. In order to escape from school you have to become familiar with routines, possible exits and timing. The last thing you want is to attempt to leave school and have to return home with a hefty ticket. Every school has a flaw in routine when it comes to guarding exits. This may be a parking lot, side door or in some cases a main exit. When you select your way out, make sure nobody can see you and calmly walk out. The secret to pulling this off is staying calm and having a plan. Also, do not plan to ditch with a large group of peers. This will look extremely suspicious and you will most likely be caught. Three people maximum in order to leave school successfully.

Overall, ditching out of school is an easy task. Everyone who has ever been a student knows that there are days when you just do not want to attend. Just remember that if you do decide to skip school do not make it a habit. A few days over the course of an entire year is fine but weekly will result in major consequences, which include depleting grades and truancies on your school record. Depending on your school district, truancies equal a fine. So when you ditch school, do not get caught.