Steps In The Successful Use Of A Fake Doctors Note

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Fake doctors note can solve your stress problems at work

So you are taking a day off and need to use a fake doctors note to feign illness. There are some important things you must consider and do before turning in your medical slips to help ensure your success as you turn in your note.

First Step In Choosing A Note

It is important that you find a resource for your doctor’s note that you can trust. Peruse the website, look at a template or two, find that dr. notes that look authentic. Some sites, for example best fake doctors note (dot) net, will offer samples so you can see what the slips look like in print form. Just take your time and take a look around.

Second Step In Choosing A Note

Once you have identified the resource you will use for a faux doctor’s notes, you must decide what content would make the most sense. You can find medical forms from a hospital emergency room or simply notes from seeing a family doctor. Be sure to find an excuse that will work for your personal situation.

Learn to make your fake doctor’s notes as a get out of school ticket.

Third Step

You may want to use some supporting documentation. In addition to the doctor’s excuse, you could download and utilize fake reports and receipts as well. You don’t want to lay it on too thick, however; if you do not seem to be concerned that your boss will believe you were sick, you will give him no cause to be suspicious. This will decrease your chances of having your boss or teacher make calls to verify your illness.

Fourth Step

Watch the frequency with which you use a fake doctors’ notes. When you turn in your excuse, you will enjoy the success of getting away with your free day off. You can do this again and again, but be careful how often you turn in a dr note. Too much of a good thing is truly too much, and you will eventually get caught using an excuse if you do it too often.

Watch Your Step When Using A Fake Doctors Note

If you plan to use an excuse from time to time, be sure that you do not use the same one more than once. These notes go into your employee file, and multiple absences may lead to someone taking the time to compare the notes. If your note closely matches notes you have used in the past, you could lose your job. The key is to use a  note now and then during those times when you simply need a break.

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I’ve tested them all and this is the conclusion we’ve come to.

Use A Free Doctors Note To Do What You Like

A free doctors note is like a “get out of jail free card.” With one, you can take a day off from work or school with no negative consequences. You can take that road trip or simply spend a day doing whatever you enjoy most. Another website we really like for fake doctors note information is Check it out for great tips and tactics.

Free doctors note? Most don't work.

Free doctors note? Most don’t work.

Have you ever noticed that the bank, post office, dry cleaners, and even your hair salon operate on much the same hours your office does. If the only days you take off are when you are sick, how will you ever get things done? With the help of a note, you can take that day, or maybe two, under the guise of a doctor visit or a trip to the hospital emergency room. You will return to work refreshed and caught up, and no one will ever have to know that you are using a fake doctors excuse.

What Does a Note Look Like?

The free doctors note you will find online will look much like the real thing. It will be a note excusing you from work or school on a given day, or days, and a good notewill look official with a doctor’s name at the top, like “Dr. Anderson” or Dr. Robert Morris,” followed by contact information. This is the standard appearance of a free medical note, and each template has the ability to be edited to fit your personal situation, geographic region, and so forth.

What Do I Need In A Free Doctors Note?

What you need to look for in the note you choose is not only the appearance of authenticity, but also relevance. That is, the illness or injury must make sense for you. If you are woman, do not choose a note that states you have prostate trouble, for example. Make your excuse look real with a authentic doctor or hospital names, and make the letterhead clear and formal.

How To Choose Your Excuse

Remember, as you are looking at free  samples, that you also need slips and forms that print as clearly as they appear on your computer screen. A free note can sometimes look grainy or faded. The letterhead on your free template must be clear and dark or it will look like a copy and make your boss suspicious.


I wrote the above article a long time ago.  I’ve since found that YOU MUST PAY to get the best excuse notes nowadays.  That is just the way that it goes. Do not risk using a “Free” doctors excuse. Most of the “Free” websites are not free at all and they will give you the runaround and scam you. 

The ones that you pay for do not cost much at all and are well worth it.  Below is a link that should get you to the best place that I’ve ever found. I wish you the very best in finding free doctors note.

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Fake Doctors Notes – What Are They?

Did you know that there are fake doctors notes available online? Some are free and some are available for a nominal fee; in either case, you will want to look at a template or two, or even print out some samples to ensure that the final copies of the notes you choose are of high quality and believable.

Fake doctors notes are amazing.

Doctors notes can be quite amazing little tools.

Many employers don’t offer paid time off without a note from your doctor. Others separate sick time from vacation time. If you feel you need a day and you do not have sick time available, fake doctors excuses may be the answer. Your boss won’t bat an eye when you turn in fake notes and medical slips from your doctor or from the hospital emergency room. Unless he is suspicious that you are lying (and why should he be?), he will do nothing to verify your fake doctors excuses as genuine.

Fake Medical Forms For School

High school students are held accountable for being in school a certain number of days each semester, and even colleges and universities are now taking attendance. Fake doctors excuses can actually help you save your grade or possibly retain your spot in the class. In high school, fake doctors excuse forms might even make sure you graduate on time. You can always rely on a doctor’s note to get you out of anything.

One great site is:

Identifying Quality In Fake Dr Notes

There are a few details to look for when considering fake doctors notes. First, in order for your slips and forms to be accepted, they must be written on letterhead. Good fake excuse notes are on letterhead. The doctor’s name that is listed at the top of your fake doctors slips should be believable. “Dr. Craig Morris” is far more authentic sounding, without being memorable, than “Dr. John Smith” or, on the other hand, “Dr. Alexander Allejandro Stefanokos.” The secret is to have a doctor noted on your fake doctors excuses whose name is unremarkable.

How Do Your Fake Doctors Excuses Look In Print?

If you are considering some examples of fake dr notes online that look to be of high quality, be sure to print out a template. If the quality is everything you need it to be, the resulting fake dr notes will not be grainy; in fact, they will be crystal clear, as one would expect in real letterhead documents. By paying close attention to detail, you will be far more successful in using fake doctors notes.

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What Will You Do With Your Free Doctors Excuse?

A free doctors excuse.

A free doctors excuse — used by many people across the United States.

When what ails you is not contagious or even a medical concern at all, it is time to pull out the free doctors excuse and get away for a day. If you are like most, you go to work or to school every day. A weekend is not always to do everything you want to do. That is why you can now find a doctor’s note online.

Is A Free Doctors Excuse Right For You?

If you have ever just wanted to get away for a day or two, then you are an excellent candidate for a doctors excuse. It’s like a free pass to take a day for whatever you want to do with no loss of pay or drop in grades. A free doctors note affords you the right to a day off.

What Will You Do With Your Free Doctors Note?

If you haven’t really thought about what you would do with a free day, its’ time to start thinking about it. Check online and you will find many different template examples so you can choose the doctors excuse that best suits your needs. Do you want to take a day? Find samples from family doctor stating that you were in to see him, but can return to work. Do you need four day weekend? A dr excuse from the area hospital emergency room will attest that you were in and you will be contagious for about three more days.

The Sky’s The Limit With Your Doctors Excuse

Students may find samples online to create an excuse specifically so they can study for another class. A young father may use a doctors excuse to spend his daughter’s birthday with her. A disgruntled employee may print out a doctors note to get a day off to look for another job. It is your choice what you do with your doctors note.

Authenticate Your Doctors Excuse

There are a few steps you can take to make your doctors excuse seem authentic. First, print out a few samples to ensure that they look legitimate on paper. Second, be sure not to use a doctors note too many times in a row; this is certain to raise your employer’s eyebrows in suspicion. Finally, before using your doctors excuse, proofread it for glaring errors. For example, your template might say “Dr. Fill in the Blank.” You want to make sure you have filled out the information properly in order not to arouse suspicions.

That is about the best I can tell you about doctor’s notes. Go ahead and try one out. They are a great way to relax and take that well-deserved time off that you’ve always meant to share with your friends and family. Go ahead, check it out today. Its well worth it.

UPDATE: To get the bast fake doctor notes, we’ve found you should go to The free doctors excuse are no longer working.

Doctors Notes — Some Words of the Wise

Doctors notes can be incredibly handy.

Doctors notes can be incredibly handy.

When you consider your life at work or school, a file of doctors notes can be very handy. Think about it; the only time you can really take a break is when you are sick or in the hospital. That’s no fun. Many employers offer no paid time off unless you can provide a  doctors excuse to justify your absence, and more and more colleges and universities now make a policy to take attendance. Absences without these forms can lead to a drop in your grade or even ejection from the class.

What About When You Just Need A Break?

Sometimes you aren’t sick and you don’t need to see a doctor or go the emergency room; you just need to get away. Maybe you have friends in from out of town. Maybe you are exhausted and need a break. Doctors excuses can be found online for free or at a low price that can give you the freedom you crave.

What Signifies Good Doctors Notes

If you choose to download and print doctors notes online, there are a few details you should look for. First, medical slips are generally written on letterhead from a hospital or doctor’s office. When you choose a template or two of doctors excuse forms, be sure that a doctor’s name is printed on it with contact information. Look at the name; “Dr. Smith” and “Dr. John Doe” will stand out as fake doctors notes.

Supporting Documentation

If your boss or teacher is particularly suspicious, you may need additional documentation. When you find fake notes that appear realistic, it is wise to look also for medical documents such as receipts and diagnoses; these are the kinds of things that help your notes look more authentic.

Quality of Your Doctors Notes

When you look at each template, be sure to look at the overall quality of the doctors excuses; does the print look grainy; is the letterhead professional looking? These are the kinds of things that will stand out at work. Even a boss who is not initially suspicious will notice if the notes you use do not appear to be real.

An Untapped Industry

A great advantage to you as you use your fake  notes is that the industry of online medical excuses is not widely known. This means that your work or school superiors probably do not even know they exist; this prevents them from even suspecting the notes are fake. If they are not suspicious, they won’t try to verify the information.

I’ve reviewed tons of doctors notes online, and I’ve found the best to be at   Most will take your money and run but this company is great. Check them out.

Doctors Excuses Give You Freedom To Do What You Love

There are so many reasons to need doctors excuses besides being sick or injured.  A badass site for doctors excuses is this site over here. In fact, being sick or injured are the really the worst possible reasons to need doctors notes but the only reasons a doctor is willing to give you one. That is why there are authentic looking doctors excuse notes available online that are free or inexpensive.

Doctors Excuses For Mental Health Days

Doctors excuses can be a true blessing.

Doctors excuses can be a true blessing.

If you are careful not to do this too often, you can use fake doctors notes to get a day off from work or school without losing pay or having your grade affected. You can look at a variety of template examples online to find the doctors notes that work best for you. You may choose to feign a hospital emergency room visit or an outpatient visit to a local doctor, and the result is a free day for you.

Use One For A Long Weekend Getaway

Your friends have planned a four-day road trip to see the concert of a lifetime or to bask on the beach. You really can go too, and enjoy a few days away by using fake doctors notes available online. The template that would work in this case would not only verify a doctor’s visit, but also cite a contagious illness or rash that will keep you from coming in for a set number of days. One of the better doctors excuses sites that we have seen lately is called

Why They Work So Well

Of course, legitimate looking doctors notes must include details like the address and phone number of the doctor. “Dr. Connors” would obviously use letterhead to write his medical slips; you don’t need to worry about your boss or teacher verifying your doctors notes, however, because they know that privacy laws prevent doctors from sharing your medical information with them. Therefore, doctors notes and excuses are accepted and tucked away in a file, with no questions asked. Learn more at

The Right  Excuses For You

It isn’t hard to find the right doctors excuses for your particular situation. There are lots of examples available online. There are doctors notes/forms for hospital visits, emergency room visits, and trips to the local doctor. You can personalize them by making them apply to local establishments, and then print them as needed. It is wise to print samples to ensure that the printed version of the doctors notes is clear and professional looking. If they are clear and not grainy, and the doctor or medical center in the letterhead appears legitimate, your doctors excuses will be freely accepted.

I’ve personally reviewed most of the doctors excuses on the web.. and the best — BY FAR — are at

Get The Time Off You Need With A Doctors Note To Excuse You

A doctors note can be your best friend.

A doctors note can be your best friend.

It happens to everyone.  Sometimes you just can’t go to work.  Maybe there was a great concert last night, and you got a little out of control. You call in to say you can’t come in.  You are sick. Your boss is reasonable.  He says, “That’s fine.  Just bring your doctors note tomorrow.”  Certainly, if you are sick, you will be seeing your doctor, or even going to the hospital or at least the emergency room, and you can get a  note, right?

Caught In A Lie?  Use One

Now you are stuck.  Without that doctors note, you can’t really go back to work.  You already said it, and there’s no going back.  You have a day to figure this out before you face your boss tomorrow. . . . without a doctors excuse.

A Note Made Easy!

The good news is the internet has proven itself useful once again!  It can be unbelievably easy to print your own medical slips online.  They are often free or reasonably priced.  You can even find the template examples that will make the most realistic doctors excuse for you.

A Day Off With Pay

Once you learn how easy it is to use a fake doctors excuse, your life is bound to get easier.  Many employers will not pay for a sick day without a note.  A doctors slip is generally a note written or typed on letterhead from a doctor’s office or hospital, stating why you were too sick to go to work.  With the help of a simple downloaded doctors form, you can take that vacation day and get some rest or do something fun.

When School Gets Exhausting

Colleges and universities are taking attendance these days.  A note is required to be excused. This changes your life as a student a little, and sometimes you just aren’t going to get to class.  A late night party, a last minute road trip, or even an all nighter cramming for a different exam can seriously hamper your ability to make it to class without a doctors form to excuse you.

Your grade is at stake, and perhaps, your ability to remain in the class, and you need a doctors excuse form.  Of course, you don’t have a doctors excuse.  You don’t even have a doctor!  This doesn’t have to stop you from getting some rest.  Take a look on line at a template or two and find the medical forms that are most realistic for you.  An emergency room visit or a trip to Dr. Whoever with a note for evidence is all you need to get a day or two to make up your work.

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Getting a Doctors Excuse When You Need One

A doctors excuse

A doctors excuse

Do you desperately need a day off from work or school? You don’t need to be sick. You just need a doctors excuse. Odds are, Dr. Presley around the corner isn’t going to write you one, even if you ask nicely. You can find them online, however. They’re easy to use, and are often free or very reasonably priced.

The Right Excuse For You

If you already have a history of back problems or a medical issue you keep at bay like asthma or diabetes, this is easy. You can look online for a template for a doctors note that shows an outpatient doctor visit or a trip to a hospital emergency room. It is best to stay as close to the truth as possible, because that is most believable.

There are many illnesses that can demand a doctor’s appointment or even a trip to the hospital that will not require you to keep up a charade. For example, if you use a doctors note that suggests you now have a long term illness that requires continued care or is even fatal, you aren’t going to be able to keep that going.

You want a short, one time emergency room visit. Examples of realistic illnesses would be bronchitis, a kidney stone, a migraine, or a pulled muscle or tendon. These are great examples of a realistic doctors notes because in a day or two, all symptoms could be gone with no leftover symptoms or follow up care needed. Medical slips and forms are gladly accepted and filed away, and then forgotten.

Choosing a Doctors Excuse Online

There is a wide variety of doctors slips online, including doctors notes, hospital medical forms, urgent care notes, and so on. Once you have viewed some samples and have chosen the right doctors note for you, you can select the doctors note template and fill in the appropriate information, and then print it. The doctors note you choose should cite local medical facilities and have identifying information. Thanks to the new privacy laws, your superiors at work or at school will be unable to verify much about your doctors note so they will not likely try to call.

Keep Your Doctors Excuse Simple

Once you have chosen your doctors excuse template from the samples provided, filled it in, and printed it, present your doctors excuse with confidence. If you look like you don’t believe they will accept your doctors note, they probably won’t. If you are casual and put little fanfare into your presentation, they will gladly accept your doctors slip.

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