A free doctors note is like a “get out of jail free card.” With one, you can take a day off from work or school with no negative consequences. You can take that road trip or simply spend a day doing whatever you enjoy most. Another website we really like for fake doctors note information is bcosla.org. Check it out for great tips and tactics.

Free doctors note? Most don't work.

Free doctors note? Most don’t work.

Have you ever noticed that the bank, post office, dry cleaners, and even your hair salon operate on much the same hours your office does. If the only days you take off are when you are sick, how will you ever get things done? With the help of a note, you can take that day, or maybe two, under the guise of a doctor visit or a trip to the hospital emergency room. You will return to work refreshed and caught up, and no one will ever have to know that you are using a fake doctors excuse.

What Does a Note Look Like?

The free doctors note you will find online will look much like the real thing. It will be a note excusing you from work or school on a given day, or days, and a good notewill look official with a doctor’s name at the top, like “Dr. Anderson” or Dr. Robert Morris,” followed by contact information. This is the standard appearance of a free medical note, and each template has the ability to be edited to fit your personal situation, geographic region, and so forth.

What Do I Need In A Free Doctors Note?

What you need to look for in the note you choose is not only the appearance of authenticity, but also relevance. That is, the illness or injury must make sense for you. If you are woman, do not choose a note that states you have prostate trouble, for example. Make your excuse look real with a authentic doctor or hospital names, and make the letterhead clear and formal.

How To Choose Your Excuse

Remember, as you are looking at free  samples, that you also need slips and forms that print as clearly as they appear on your computer screen. A free note can sometimes look grainy or faded. The letterhead on your free template must be clear and dark or it will look like a copy and make your boss suspicious.


I wrote the above article a long time ago.  I’ve since found that YOU MUST PAY to get the best excuse notes nowadays.  That is just the way that it goes. Do not risk using a “Free” doctors excuse. Most of the “Free” websites are not free at all and they will give you the runaround and scam you. 

The ones that you pay for do not cost much at all and are well worth it.  Below is a link that should get you to the best place that I’ve ever found. I wish you the very best in finding free doctors note.

Free doctors note? Most SUCK. The best you have to pay for. And the best place I’ve seen is BestFakeDoctorsNotes.net.