Steps In The Successful Use Of A Fake Doctors Note

A fake doctors note is a great tool -- when used right.

A fake doctors note is a great tool — when used right.

So you are taking a day off and need to use a fake doctors note to feign illness. There are some important things you must consider and do before turning in your medical slips to help ensure your success as you turn in your note.

First Step In Choosing A Note

It is important that you find a resource for your doctors note that you can trust. Peruse the website, look at a template or two, find those dr. notes that look authentic. Some sites (for example: will offer samples so you can see what the slips look like in print form. Just take your time and take a look around.

Second Step In Choosing A Note

Once you have identified the resource you will use for a fake doctors form, you must decide what content would make the most sense. You can find medical forms from a hospital emergency room or simply notes from seeing a family doctor. Be sure to find an excuse that will work for your personal situation.

Learn to make your fake doctor’s note as a get out of school ticket.

Third Step

You may want to use some supporting documentation. In addition to the doctor’s excuse, you could download and utilize fake reports and receipts as well. You don’t want to lay it on too thick, however; if you do not seem to be concerned that your boss will believe you were sick, you will give him no cause to be suspicious. This will decrease your chances of having your boss or teacher make calls to verify your illness.

Fourth Step

Watch the frequency with which you use a fake doctor’s excuse. When you turn in your excuse, you will enjoy the success of getting away with your free day off. You can do this again and again, but be careful how often you turn in a dr note. Too much of a good thing is truly too much, and you will eventually get caught using an excuse if you do it too often.

Watch Your Step

If you plan to use an excuse from time to time, be sure that you do not use the same one more than once. These notes go into your employee file, and multiple absences may lead to someone taking the time to compare the notes. If your note closely matches notes you have used in the past, you could lose your job. The key is to use a  note now and then during those times when you simply need a break.

Thanks for reading these tips. If you need to learn more, I highly recommend They are hands down the best site for excuse notes online. I’ve tested them all and this is the conclusion we’ve come to.

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