A doctors excuse

A doctors excuse

Do you desperately need a day off from work or school? You don’t need to be sick. You just need a doctors excuse. Odds are, Dr. Presley around the corner isn’t going to write you one, even if you ask nicely. You can find them online, however. They’re easy to use, and are often free or very reasonably priced.

The Right Excuse For You

If you already have a history of back problems or a medical issue you keep at bay like asthma or diabetes, this is easy. You can look online for a template for a doctors note that shows an outpatient doctor visit or a trip to a hospital emergency room. It is best to stay as close to the truth as possible, because that is most believable.

There are many illnesses that can demand a doctor’s appointment or even a trip to the hospital that will not require you to keep up a charade. For example, if you use a doctors note that suggests you now have a long term illness that requires continued care or is even fatal, you aren’t going to be able to keep that going.

You want a short, one time emergency room visit. Examples of realistic illnesses would be bronchitis, a kidney stone, a migraine, or a pulled muscle or tendon. These are great examples of a realistic doctors notes because in a day or two, all symptoms could be gone with no leftover symptoms or follow up care needed. Medical slips and forms are gladly accepted and filed away, and then forgotten.

Choosing a Doctors Excuse Online

There is a wide variety of doctors slips online, including doctors notes, hospital medical forms, urgent care notes, and so on. Once you have viewed some samples and have chosen the right doctors note for you, you can select the doctors note template and fill in the appropriate information, and then print it. The doctors note you choose should cite local medical facilities and have identifying information. Thanks to the new privacy laws, your superiors at work or at school will be unable to verify much about your doctors note so they will not likely try to call.

Keep Your Doctors Excuse Simple

Once you have chosen your doctors excuse template from the samples provided, filled it in, and printed it, present your doctors excuse with confidence. If you look like you don’t believe they will accept your doctors note, they probably won’t. If you are casual and put little fanfare into your presentation, they will gladly accept your doctors slip.

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