A doctors note can be your best friend.

A doctors note can be your best friend.

It happens to everyone.  Sometimes you just can’t go to work.  Maybe there was a great concert last night, and you got a little out of control. You call in to say you can’t come in.  You are sick. Your boss is reasonable.  He says, “That’s fine.  Just bring your doctors note tomorrow.”  Certainly, if you are sick, you will be seeing your doctor, or even going to the hospital or at least the emergency room, and you can get a  note, right?

Caught In A Lie?  Use One

Now you are stuck.  Without that doctors note, you can’t really go back to work.  You already said it, and there’s no going back.  You have a day to figure this out before you face your boss tomorrow. . . . without a doctors excuse.

A Note Made Easy!

The good news is the internet has proven itself useful once again!  It can be unbelievably easy to print your own medical slips online.  They are often free or reasonably priced.  You can even find the template examples that will make the most realistic doctors excuse for you.

A Day Off With Pay

Once you learn how easy it is to use a fake doctors excuse, your life is bound to get easier.  Many employers will not pay for a sick day without a note.  A doctors slip is generally a note written or typed on letterhead from a doctor’s office or hospital, stating why you were too sick to go to work.  With the help of a simple downloaded doctors form, you can take that vacation day and get some rest or do something fun.

When School Gets Exhausting

Colleges and universities are taking attendance these days.  A note is required to be excused. This changes your life as a student a little, and sometimes you just aren’t going to get to class.  A late night party, a last minute road trip, or even an all nighter cramming for a different exam can seriously hamper your ability to make it to class without a doctors form to excuse you.

Your grade is at stake, and perhaps, your ability to remain in the class, and you need a doctors excuse form.  Of course, you don’t have a doctors excuse.  You don’t even have a doctor!  This doesn’t have to stop you from getting some rest.  Take a look on line at a template or two and find the medical forms that are most realistic for you.  An emergency room visit or a trip to Dr. Whoever with a note for evidence is all you need to get a day or two to make up your work.

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