Doctors notes can be incredibly handy.

Doctors notes can be incredibly handy.

When you consider your life at work or school, a file of doctors notes can be very handy. Think about it; the only time you can really take a break is when you are sick or in the hospital. That’s no fun. Many employers offer no paid time off unless you can provide a  doctors excuse to justify your absence, and more and more colleges and universities now make a policy to take attendance. Absences without these forms can lead to a drop in your grade or even ejection from the class.

What About When You Just Need A Break?

Sometimes you aren’t sick and you don’t need to see a doctor or go the emergency room; you just need to get away. Maybe you have friends in from out of town. Maybe you are exhausted and need a break. Doctors excuses can be found online for free or at a low price that can give you the freedom you crave.

What Signifies Good Doctors Notes

If you choose to download and print doctors notes online, there are a few details you should look for. First, medical slips are generally written on letterhead from a hospital or doctor’s office. When you choose a template or two of doctors excuse forms, be sure that a doctor’s name is printed on it with contact information. Look at the name; “Dr. Smith” and “Dr. John Doe” will stand out as fake doctors notes.

Supporting Documentation

If your boss or teacher is particularly suspicious, you may need additional documentation. When you find fake notes that appear realistic, it is wise to look also for medical documents such as receipts and diagnoses; these are the kinds of things that help your notes look more authentic.

Quality of Your Doctors Notes

When you look at each template, be sure to look at the overall quality of the doctors excuses; does the print look grainy; is the letterhead professional looking? These are the kinds of things that will stand out at work. Even a boss who is not initially suspicious will notice if the notes you use do not appear to be real.

An Untapped Industry

A great advantage to you as you use your fake  notes is that the industry of online medical excuses is not widely known. This means that your work or school superiors probably do not even know they exist; this prevents them from even suspecting the notes are fake. If they are not suspicious, they won’t try to verify the information.

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