There are so many reasons to need doctors excuses besides being sick or injured.  A badass site for doctors excuses is this site over here. In fact, being sick or injured are the really the worst possible reasons to need doctors notes but the only reasons a doctor is willing to give you one. That is why there are authentic looking doctors excuse notes available online that are free or inexpensive.

Doctors Excuses For Mental Health Days

Doctors excuses can be a true blessing.

Doctors excuses can be a true blessing.

If you are careful not to do this too often, you can use fake doctors notes to get a day off from work or school without losing pay or having your grade affected. You can look at a variety of template examples online to find the doctors notes that work best for you. You may choose to feign a hospital emergency room visit or an outpatient visit to a local doctor, and the result is a free day for you.

Use One For A Long Weekend Getaway

Your friends have planned a four-day road trip to see the concert of a lifetime or to bask on the beach. You really can go too, and enjoy a few days away by using fake doctors notes available online. The template that would work in this case would not only verify a doctor’s visit, but also cite a contagious illness or rash that will keep you from coming in for a set number of days. One of the better doctors excuses sites that we have seen lately is called

Why They Work So Well

Of course, legitimate looking doctors notes must include details like the address and phone number of the doctor. “Dr. Connors” would obviously use letterhead to write his medical slips; you don’t need to worry about your boss or teacher verifying your doctors notes, however, because they know that privacy laws prevent doctors from sharing your medical information with them. Therefore, doctors notes and excuses are accepted and tucked away in a file, with no questions asked. Learn more at

The Right  Excuses For You

It isn’t hard to find the right doctors excuses for your particular situation. There are lots of examples available online. There are doctors notes/forms for hospital visits, emergency room visits, and trips to the local doctor. You can personalize them by making them apply to local establishments, and then print them as needed. It is wise to print samples to ensure that the printed version of the doctors notes is clear and professional looking. If they are clear and not grainy, and the doctor or medical center in the letterhead appears legitimate, your doctors excuses will be freely accepted.

I’ve personally reviewed most of the doctors excuses on the web.. and the best — BY FAR — are at